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    In 1933, when the nation was in the grips of a devastating depression, it took a lot of foresight and courage to start a new business.  That same year young G. W. Grosch was doing farm work around the Silver Creek, Nebraska area.  Then as now, water and the availability of it often meant the difference between a successful crop, or crop failure.      With a keen interest in agriculture young Grosch quickly recognized the farmers desperate need for water.  He was determined to get it for them.  That was the beginning of GROSCH Irrigation Co. Inc.  That same foresight and courage continue today in the planning and operation at Grosch, and it is largely responsible for the success and growth of Grosch Irrigation, one of the largest irrigation and well drilling operations in the mid west.

     Like their father, three Grosch sons have grown with the business and the combined talents and total dedication of President Dick Grosch, Secretary Mort Grosch, and Treasurer Wayne Grosch, are responsible for the continued growth of Grosch Irrigation.